Assignment Advisor

The position of Assignment Director is no longer a board appointed position. UMPS does not employ assignment chairman or umpires. All umpires are independent contractors who can work for any assignor, school, league or team.

UMPS does work with an assignor in an advisory capacity only. The assignor strives to serve the needs of the game by making proper and informed game assignments. Names to Games are not something we do. Assignors do more then just assign, they help manage your season. They are the link between the school and the official. They are the road maps on game day, making sure every official is at their proper field. Being an Assignor takes a unique level of dedication and work ethic. Listed below this the assignor who services in an advisory role to UMPS. Feel free to contact him if you are looking for games or in need of an assignor to assign your games and/or tournaments.

UMPS Assignment Supervisor
Jeff Siegel